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We Are Looking For A Miracle Worker! (Alright, Sales Representative).

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We are located in Houston, Texas!
Hop on board with Delta Moving Systems – where we pull off the impossible daily!

Hey you! Yes, you. The one with the fierce determination to sell ice to Eskimos and a persuasive charm that could make a statue nod in agreement. We’ve been looking all over Houston for you.

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We’re Delta Moving Systems – the Harry Houdinis of the moving world. And guess what? We have a vacancy. An opportunity you could call a “sales role,” but trust us, it’s much more than that. We prefer the term ‘Miracle Worker’.

Job “Duties” or Rather Adventures:

Discovering new business opportunities in every nook and cranny of Houston.
Building relationships with clients who didn’t know they needed a friend until they met you.

Understanding customer needs. Yes, even the ones who want to move their elephant-sized antique piano collection.
Hitting sales targets so often that they start running away from you.
Cooperating with our team of moving experts, who are basically the Navy SEALs of transporting stuff.

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“Requirements” (Just a Fancy Word for What You Already Have):

Sales experience that could fill a book.

  • The ability to make a barrage of calls every day and still keep the sunshine in your voice.
  • Stellar communication skills, because we heard it helps when you’re dealing with people.
  • Multitasking abilities – juggling is optional, but appreciated.
  • A degree or something that says you studied – if not, we hope life taught you well.

What’s in it for You:

  • A salary that’ll make you do a double-take, plus commission.
  • A work culture that’s so lively, it could start a conga line.
  • Opportunities for career growth, or as we call it, chances to take over the world.

So, are you ready to join us and become Houston’s next moving marvel? Let’s make magic happen together!

Delta Moving Systems is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We love diversity, like… a lot!

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