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How To Get A Binding Quote From Long Distance Movers?

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When planning a long-distance move, one of the most important things to do is get a binding quote from the movers. This will ensure that you know precisely your costs and can budget accordingly.

Why is a binding quote so crucial?

When you’re looking for a long-distance moving company, it’s essential to make sure that your moving estimate is binding rather than non-binding. Binding means that the estimate is in writing and legally enforceable. If the movers underestimate the cost of the move, they are legally obligated to cover the additional expenses. If they overestimate, they can’t charge you more than the estimate.

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To get a binding quote from a long-distance mover, you’ll need to provide some basic information about your move. This includes the origin and destination addresses, the number of boxes or cubic feet of belongings you’re moving, and the date of the move. It would be the better part of wisdom if you also asked about any potential fees, such as for packing or crating your belongings.

Once you have acquired all of this important information, you can contact the moving company and ask for a binding quote. They should be well able to furnish you with an estimate based on your provided information. If you’re content with the quote, you can then book the move with the company.

But how do you start the process of going about getting a binding quote? Here are some tips:

  • Contact several long-distance moving companies.

Gather up quotes from at least three different moving companies. An assortment of varied quotes will give you a good idea of the range of available prices.

One way to get binding quotes from long-distance movers is to contact several moving companies and ask for bids. Acquiring quotes can be done by phone, email, or through the companies’ websites. Be sure to provide all the necessary information, including the dates of the move, the address of the old and new homes, and the size of the moving truck needed.


It’s also a good idea to get recommendations from friends and family members who have recently moved. Chances are, they used a moving company and can recommend reliable and affordable one.

Finally, be sure to read the reviews of any moving company you’re considering. This will give you an idea of

  • Ask about binding quotes.

Many moving companies offer binding quotes, which means that the quoted price is guaranteed and will not change even if the move takes longer than expected or if additional services are needed. If the moving company you’re considering does not offer binding quotes, be sure to ask about their cancellation policy in the off-chance you need to cancel the move.

When you are getting a binding quote from long-distance movers, the word “binding” must be printed in the quote. This means that the price quoted is final and will not change. If you receive a quote that does not have the word “binding” printed on it, be sure to ask the mover what their policy is on price changes.

binding quote questions

Some movers may increase the price of your move if the weight or volume of your belongings exceeds what was estimated, while others may not change the price at all. It is essential to be aware of a mover’s policy on price changes before you sign anything.

  • Compare prices and services.

Once you’ve received quotes from several moving companies, it’s essential to compare them carefully. Make sure you’re comparing apples to apples and that you’re taking into account the cost of services such as packing, loading, and unloading.


It’s easy to be lured into selecting a moving company that is the cheapest. But remember to ask yourself why they are most affordable and offer more minor services than the others. Often, the cheapest companies are cutting corners – which can lead to disaster on moving day. Please make sure you get binding quotes from at least three reputable long-distance movers and compare their services and rates.

hidden moving fees

  • Ask About Possible Hidden Costs

Also, be sure to ask about any additional fees that may apply. Some moving companies charge a fee for fuel surcharges or for distance traveled. Others may have a minimum amount that they charge for moves, regardless of the size of the move.


It’s absolutely vital to be aware of all the costs associated with your long-distance move and to choose a moving company that offers the best value for your money.

When getting a binding quote from long-distance movers, make sure you ask about any additional fees that may apply. This will help you compare prices and services between different companies.

  • Insurance

When you are getting ready to move, one of the most important things to do is to make sure that your worldly possessions are properly insured. This means having a frank and open conversation with your mover about what is and is not covered by their insurance policy. It’s important to be aware of what is and is not covered, so that you can make the best decision for your move.

There are different insurance policies that movers may offer you. One is cargo insurance, which will cover your belongings during transport. Another is liability insurance, which will cover any damages that occur to the property of others during transport. It would be best to ask the movers about their insurance policies and what coverage they provide. You can also go out and purchase additional coverage if you feel that it is necessary.


When getting a binding quote from long-distance movers, be sure to ask about their insurance policies. This will help you determine if the company is reliable and if their coverage is adequate. You can also ask for referrals from friends or family who have used long-distance moving services.

moving faq

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I just email a prepared inventory to all of my moving companies?

When you’re planning to move, one of the most important things you need to do is create an inventory list. This list will help long-distance movers give you an accurate quote for your move. Without an inventory list, it’s difficult for movers to estimate the cost of your activity, which can lead to surprises when your final bill.

It’s not uncommon for many clients to compile an inventory on a spreadsheet or word document and then transmit that list to a series of moving companies for them to digest.


However, this alone may not be enough. Your moving coordinator may detect discrepancies in your inventory that can only be clarified with a phone conversation. For example, some clients may include vague items such as “a couple of boxes” or “miscellaneous junk, ” making it difficult for the mover to provide you with an honest quote.

Also, your moving coordinator may want to speak with you about a few add-on charges that you may be facing and explain these costs to you in an understanding way. This is why we always recommend that you speak with your coordinator to get the most accurate binding quote.

What does a binding estimate typically include?

Binding estimates fundamentally include fuel surcharges, miles, tolls and taxes, a limitless supply of moving pads and blanketing to protect goods while in transit, and finally, the loading and unloading of your goods from house to house.


These fundamental services come at no additional cost to you by any mover. So, if you decide to use a moving company that doesn’t offer these services, they are not considered a “binding” mover.

in-home walkthrough

I want no surprises! Is it better for me to just invite movers to my home to check everything out?


When looking for a reliable and trustworthy long-distance mover, always ask for a free in-home inspection. During this inspection, the movers will visit your home and provide you with an estimate of the cost of moving your belongings. This estimate is binding, so you can be sure that you won’t incur any hidden or unexpected fees during the move.

All movers within a 50-mile radius of you are obligated to offer you this free of charge, so take advantage! An in-home inspection will give you a better understanding of the cost and scope of your move so that you can plan accordingly.


If a moving company tries to charge a fee for this service, they are either based too far away from you or are trying to capitalize on your naiveite. Treat both as red flags! The best way to get a binding quote is to do your research in advance and get quotes from multiple companies.

It is also the most excellent opportunity to meet the movers who will be helping you relocate and ask any questions you may have.

Movers are often very busy this time of year, so don’t hesitate to call and schedule an inspection today!

What should I do if I’m not happy with the binding quote?

If you’re not happy with the binding quote, you can always negotiate with the movers to try and get a lower price. However, keep in mind that the binding estimate is already based on the lowest price possible, so you may not be able to get it lowered much more. If you’re still not happy with the price, you can always look for another moving company.


If you’re attempting to reduce the price of your moving quote, you can consider sacrificing some of your older furniture pieces. This will help to reduce the weight of your belongings and, as a result, the cost of your move.

There are a few methods that you can undertake which will lower the cost of your move without compromising the quality of service. One way is to pack all of your belongings yourself. This will save the movers time and, as a result, money. You can also try to schedule your move during the off-season. This will also help to reduce the cost of your move.

How many binding quotes should I gather before it’s enough?

You should gather at least three moving quotes before you can expect to have a healthy spectrum of estimates. This will give you a really good and clear idea of the average price that movers are charging for long-distance moves. It will also help you identify any movers trying to charge too much or too little.

Keep in mind that the more quotes that you gather, the better your chances of finding a great deal on your move.

three moving quotes

When you are looking for a binding quote from long-distance movers, it is important to never go with the first quote you were offered. This is because you may be able to get a better deal from another company. By comparing and contrasting quotes from several different companies, you can ensure that you are getting the best possible price for your move.

The quote I received says it is binding but also says that I may pay more if my shipment is more significant than expected. I’m confused.

When you receive your binding quote from long-distance movers, it is based on the moving coordinator’s information. Therefore, your quote is a binding one, but only insofar as the information provided is accurate.


For example, if the movers discover a sofa that was not accounted for on the estimate, then the final cost will have to be adjusted to account for the additional space.

If there are any changes in your move (e.g., if you need to send more or fewer items), please let the moving company know as soon as possible so that they can adjust the price accordingly.

In the event you are not certain as to whether or not a change will affect the price of your move, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the moving company for clarification. They will be happy to help!

I’m just going to go with this company because they were the cheapest. What do you think?

If you’re looking to buy a car that’s on sale for about $30,000 in most dealerships, and then you discover that one dealer who offers it to you for $10,000, your first thought should probably be, “There’s something wrong with it.” So why should you not look at moving companies with the same level of scrutiny?

So many people searching for the right moving company will confuse the best price with the lowest. A reputable moving carrier will always try to work within your budget and make your move as cost-effective as possible.


However, unlike many of the cut-throat unscrupulous movers out there, a prestigious mover will prefer to confine themselves to the boundaries of reality when pricing your move. Several movers charge less and then undercut their clients in the quality of their service or find some other method to recuperate their losses (some companies withhold info about possible additional charges such as shuttle fees and long-carry handling while others charge high deposits and/or no-refund cancellation policies to keep you on board with them). In short, you will receive the service you pay for.

I understand if the estimated cost offered to you by reputable moving carriers may sometimes not be the price you would wish to hear. Still, it’s the most realistic offer any mover can provide, and we would rather be honest with you with all the details at the risk of losing your business than low-balling you just to sign you up, only for you to discover the truth later.

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Which types of moving companies should I be gathering quotes from?

When you are looking for a binding quote from long-distance movers, it is important to ensure that you are only gathering quotes from moving carriers who have their vehicles, movers, and drivers. This is the only way to safeguard that your move will go smoothly and that you will be able to avoid any potential problems or complications.

It’s important to avoid brokers when getting quotes for your long-distance move. They may be very charming, and their prices may seem very low, but they are nothing like moving carriers.


Brokers typically do not have the same level of expertise or resources as moving companies, meaning they may not be able to handle your move in the way it deserves. Not to mention, their extra fees can drive up the cost of your move in the end.

Instead, get quotes from moving companies directly. You can find a list of licensed and insured carriers on the American Moving and Storage Association website. Once you have a few estimates to hand, compare them carefully to ensure you’re getting the best deal.

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When looking for a binding quote from a reputable carrier, you should call Delta Moving Systems. We are a long-distance moving company with many years of experience in the industry. We are licensed and insured, and our team of experts will work diligently to make certain that your move is as smooth, non-dramatic, and stress-free as possible.


Delta Moving Systems are the best full-service moving carrier you can select. Our estimates are always binding and come with no strings attached. We have a varied range of services to choose from, so you can find the perfect one for your needs. Plus, we’re always going to be available to help with any questions or concerns you may have. Contact us today!

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