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Unfortunately, most home and office owners looking to move are typically worried and concerned about the safety of their belongings in transit to the new destinations. This calls for high-quality moving supplies, which come in handy to control the situation.

Choosing the Right Packing Materials and Moving Supplies

Regardless of how fragile your items are, choosing suitable packing materials and proper packing techniques guarantees your belongings’ safety. For instance, wrapping your glass or other breakable items in bubble wraps keeps them from moving around or getting scratched.

moving supplies houstonAdditionally, some moving tools and equipment are designed to protect you from injuries by helping you lift transport heavy items easily. Moreover, supplies such as markers for labeling or tools for disassembling items quickly for more effortless packing increase efficiency during the moving process.

Therefore, using the proper moving supplies can help you stay organized, secure your belongings, and ease the packing and moving process. Failure to which you will encounter a disastrous and stressful moving process.

Which are the proper packing materials and moving supplies you require to get the job done right? Check out this complete list of all essential packing materials.

Prepare A Checklist for Important Moving Supplies

Ensure you have a complete reviewed list of the moving supplies mentioned below before the moving day comes.

Also, gather all packing essentials, such as packing paper, tape, and packing boxes before the moving day. Packing all your home or apartment items may take several days, depending on factors such as your home size. As such, ensure you have a headstart once you have a conclusive moving date set. Free up your schedule to provide maximum attention to the packing process.

Short-term StorageThese packing essentials include:

Small Moving Box

A small moving (1.5 ft3) box is perfect for packing, moving, storing, or shipping small, dense and heavy household belongings. Such items ordinarily include books, small appliances, canned foods, sheet sets, and tools. A small moving box is also the ideal size to store vinyl records. Fortunately, you can recycle this box for other uses. A small moving box can comfortably carry up to 65 pounds worth of belongings.

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Medium Moving Box

A medium moving box (3.0 ft3) is perfect for packing, shipping, moving, and storing household goods. The items generally range between small and large and are not entirely heavy. Such household items include craft supplies, small appliances, toys, office supplies, and home decor.

Like the small moving box, the medium moving box can also hold up to 65 pounds worth of belongings. The medium-moving box is also recyclable.

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Large Moving Box

A large moving box (4.5 ft3) is perfect for packing, moving, shipping, or storing large, lightweight household items. The items include stereo speakers, lampshades, pillows, board games, clothing, and stuffed animals. A large moving box can hold up to 65 pounds worth of items and is also recyclable.

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Extra Large Moving Box

The box is ideal for packing, moving, storing, and shipping huge, lightweight, or bulky household items. Such items include bulky seasonal clothing, towels, oversized pillows, comforters, among others.

The extra-large moving box can hold up to 65 pounds worth of items and is recyclable.

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Dishpack Moving Box

The box is designed to pack fragile items such as glassware, dinnerware, dishes, lamps, and more. It is an eco-friendly box that is double-walled to protect all enclosed items fully. The dish pack box is perfect for packing, moving, shipping, and storing.

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Dish Saver Kit

This is an innovative, safe, and simple solution that eases the process of packing and moving dishware. The kit comprises a 5-piece cell divider unit for efficient separation, isolation, protection, 32 reusable foam pouches, and an easy-to-lift box with handles. Additionally, the packing kit is ideal for small picture frames, seasonal decorations, and collectibles.

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Lamp Box

This box is perfect for moving, storing, and shipping a variety of tall or oddly-shaped things like golf clubs, lamps, vases, and telescopes.

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Mirror and Picture Box

This box is ideal for packing, moving, storing, and shipping framed belongings like artwork, mirrors, and paintings. The mirror/picture box fits frames up to 37″ x 27″. You can buy a second box to fit larger frames up to 54″ wide. These two boxes will seamlessly join together to fit larger frames.

Picture and Large Mirror Box

This box is perfect for storing, shipping, moving pictures, wall mirrors, dresser mirrors, framed artwork, and more. Additionally, you can extend this box with another mirror box to accommodate larger paintings, framed artwork, and mirrors.

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Medium Wardrobe Box

This box is ideal for moving, packing, shipping, or storing hanged clothing such as jackets, dresses, shirts, among others. You can also use the medium wardrobe box for dining room chairs, sporting equipment, among other large items. These boxes include metal hanging bars to hang up to 18″ of closet space. Furthermore, the medium wardrobe box features built-in perforated handles that allow you to carry and lift items easily.

Large Wardrobe Box

The box is the perfect packing, moving, shipping, and storage option for longer clothing like suits, jeans, pants, long jackets, and dresses. Each large wardrobe box includes a metal hanging bar to hang up to two feet of closet space. The box features inbuilt, perforated handles to lift and carry it effortlessly. You can also use the large wardrobe box for dining room furniture and an assortment of heavy items.

Medium TV Moving Box Kit 

This moving box kit can hold TVs or computer monitors up to 40″. It comprises two heavy-duty boxes and hinged foam pieces that you place over the four corners of TV screens for 8-points protection. These two boxes feature multiple handles to make moving a breeze. You can also use this box to move mirrors and delicate art pieces.

Flat Panel TV Moving Box Kit

This moving box kit can hold TVs up to 70 inches. The kit contains everything you require to secure your flat screen TV during storage or moving. It features a couple of heavy-duty television packing boxes that are double-walled for optimum protection. In addition, these two boxes are expandable and adjustable to accommodate various TV sizes.

The boxes feature in-built, perforated handles to make moving the TV an easy process. This moving kit also comprises four foam pieces that you put over all four corners to provide the TV with8 points of protection.

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Mattress Bag

This mattress bag protects your mattresses or box springs against soil, dust, water, and light exposure while on storage or during the move. The bags are made of heavy-grade 2.0 mil polyethylene plastic and are recyclable. The bags come in full, twin, king, and queen sizes. Additionally, you will need two separate bags to store or move a mattress and box springs.

Mattress Box

These easy-to-pack mattress boxes feature a solid double-wall added mattress security and protection. You can use a plastic cover sold separately to provide extra protection. This box can comfortably fit full, twin, king, and queen-sized mattresses. It is the ideal product to move or store your mattresses with complete protection.

Comforter Bags

These bags are the perfect way to secure your towels, comforters, blankets, sheets, pillowcases, among other linens. The comforters are ideal for storage or moving as well as staying organized at home. They can fit up to king-size comforters and feature vents in them to allow air circulation. The bags have a sturdy plastic design, allowing for reusing.


Movers Stretch Plastic Wrap

You can use this plastic wrap to bundle, bind, and fasten items while storing and moving. It has hundreds of applications, from wrapping a cabinet or dresser to securing the drawers and doors. You can also use it to bundle items together, for example, silverware or other kitchenware.

You can use a residue-free mover’s stretch wrap as a better alternative than tape to secure bubble cushions or protective materials to picture frames, artworks, and mirrors. The shrink wrap is also used to wrap coffee tables, dining room chairs, couches to protect them from damage during storage or moving.

Moving blanket

A moving blanket is ideal for protecting your furniture from dings, scuffs, scratches, and nicks. You can use it to protect your valuable items from dirt and dust. The moving blanket is perfect for storage protection and light moving. It is also ideal for securely and safely wrapping antiques and appliances.

The pad is designed with washable polyester non-woven grade fabric. Each moving blanket features lightweight construction, weighing just about 3.65 lbs. Additionally, the blanket features zig-zag patterns with stitched border edges.

Packing Paper

It is an ink-free and acid-free newsprint paper ideal perfect for securing fragile items like glassware, dishes, collectibles, home decor, valuables, among others. You can also use the packing paper to fill open spaces in storage containers and moving boxes to keep items from shifting around.

Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap is the most common packing material used. It is an excellent solution for wrapping, isolating, and protecting fragile items like paintings, electronics, sculptures, glassware, crystal ware, dishes, home decor, among others. You can use bubble wrap to pad empty spaces in moving boxes, shipping boxes, or storage containers while storing or moving. Purchasing bubble wrap in bulk helps keep expenses within budget limits.

Box/ Packaging Paper Tape

It is a more advanced superior packing tape for moving, storing, or shipping. It is designed for convenience; it tears easily by hand, eliminating the need for scissors or tape dispensers. Fortunately, it is resistant to uneven slivering or splitting, allowing you full-width strips at all times. The tape has reliable and robust adhesion, keeping your boxes fully and tightly secured during storage or move.

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Packing Tape

This packing tape has a sturdy solvent acrylic adhesive that sticks to almost any surface. It is an industrial tape that can withstand high humidity and temperatures ranging between 0 to 140.

The tape features an aggressive hot melt adhesive that sticks instantly to corrugated boxes. The tight seals protect your items all the way. Most importantly, it dispenses quickly, reducing downtime significantly.

Bottom Line

The above packing and moving supplies make moving a breeze. If you are a DIY type of person and prefer to pack everything yourself, don’t compromise on cheap packing materials. There is a high chance your moving company can provide you with quality packing materials and moving supplies.

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