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Moving from one place to another within the same state may not sound as complicated as moving to another state. However, Texas is the second-largest state with 261,914 square miles, with more than 1,200 cities to move into and from. You need to hire the best intrastate movers if you need absolute peace of mind.

Delta Moving Systems is one of the leading intrastate moving companies Houston residents have encountered operating in Texas. We provide reliable long-distance moving services for home and office owners moving cross country within the states in Texas.

If you are moving from Houston to other cities in Texas, Delta Moving Systems is the leading intrastate mover with experience and skills for the task.

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Our Intrastate Moving Service Areas

Delta Movers Systems has its headquarters in Houston, TX. We help move homes and offices within Houston and to other cities too. There are over 1,470 towns and cities in Texas.

Regardless of what city you plan to move to in Texas, we are always ready for the task. Some of the top cities in Texas that we serve our clients include;


The Houston metro area is the largest in Texas, with over 6.5 million people and a booming job market.


Fort Worth is the second-largest metro area with 6.4 million people, fantastic restaurants, parks, museums, and parks.

San Antonio metro area

The third-largest in Texas, with 2.37 million people enjoying low taxes and cheap real estate and the San Antonio Spurs.


The Austin metro area has over 2.1 million people and is considered the best city to live in Texas.

El Paso County

Located in the southwestern part of Texas, with a population of 963,000 and one of the busiest land borders in the country.

Galveston County

As known as “The Oleander City,” has a total population of 351,000.

Corpus Christi, TX

As known as the “Sparkling City by the Sea,” has a total population of 348,000, the best beach life in Texas, and mild winters.

Laredo, TX

Also is known as “The City Under Seven Flags,” has a total population of 322,000 and the best Mexican food in Texas.

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If your destination is not listed, contact our movers to arrange a move to your new home. Moving across these cities requires professional intrastate moving companies with sufficient experience and proper licensing from the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles. Delta Moving Systems has been moving offices and homeowners across cities in Houston for over a decade.

Intrastate Definition: Intrastate Vs. Interstate

The basic intrastate definition is within the same state, while interstate is across state borders. Intrastate moving occurs within a state border (across all cities within a state). On the other hand, interstate moving involves moving across borders (from one state to another).

Essentially, if you are moving from Houston to Austin or any city within Texas, that is considered intrastate moving. If you want to move from Texas to Illinois, it is considered interstate moving and requires professional movers licensed with the U.S. Department of Transportation.

Aside from the primary interstate and intrastate definitions, several factors differentiate the two. For starters, the cost of intrastate moving will not be a high as interstate moving.

In addition, intrastate moving is not governed by Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). On the other hand, interstate movers are required to special permits and documentation since every state has different regulations and permitting systems.

If you are moving to Austin or any other city within Texas, our intrastate moving services ensure your prompt arrival at your new residence.

Intrastate Moving Services

Intrastate Moving Services

Delta Moving Systems provide a wide range of intrastate moving services. We also offer packing and storage solutions.

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Packing Services

Do you need professional packers for your intrastate move within Texas? Delta Moving Systems provides quality and reliable packing services to homeowners and office owners planning a cross-country move within Texas.

Besides providing moving supplies and materials, we can help you pack every item in your home into high-quality moving containers. Our excellent packers handle all your belongings with utmost care and respect. We also use industry-grade tools to haul heavy items onto transportation trucks.

Moving Services

As a professional intrastate mover, we are fully equipped with a fleet of trucks to move your property regardless of your home or office size. Moreover, as experienced intrastate movers, we can comfortably beat any reputable moving company when it comes to quality of service and pricing.

We work round the clock to ensure the same or next-day delivery of your property to your new location, depending on your location and move distance. Our services are backed by a skilled team of professional movers and the best moving supplies.

Specialty Moving

Specialty Moving

We move a wide range of household items from one point to another. Besides everyday items such as furniture and boxes, we also pack and move specialty items with utmost care. Some of these specialty items ordinarily include hot tubs, pool tables, and pianos. We also create and move your more precious items such as antiques and fine art. Contact us for special white glove moving services for even more precious and luxurious items for your luxury moving needs.

While packing your items, we provide custom crating for your antiques and fine art to ensure the maximum safety of the items. We are the best piano and pool table movers in Houston.

Most importantly, we move all your belongings-fragile or not-with absolute care and respect to minimize the chances of damage.

Storage Services

Delta Moving Systems provides professional and reliable storage services in Texas for residential and commercial clients. If you plan to move your office or renovate it, we can provide you with reliable storage solutions to store your property temporarily. We can also keep your household goods in our designated areas for as long as your desire.

Delta Moving Systems uses a designated climate-controlled and fully secured warehouse for residential and commercial clients looking to store their goods.

Intrastate Vs. Interstate

Intrastate Vs. Interstate Moving

Are you moving from Houston to any city in Texas? Intrastate moving is often less complicated than interstate moving. It is generally considered cheaper and does not involve excess bureaucracy. However, ensure you hire only a qualified and professional intrastate mover with experience in the industry for your peace of mind.


Why Delta?

Delta Moving Systems is an experienced intrastate mover with years of experience moving clients from Houston to other cities in Texas. There are many reasons as to how and why we stand out above all intrastate moving companies Houston has:

Comprehensive Services

Delta provides comprehensive services for all your needs if you are looking for a reliable long-distance intrastate mover. Right from estimation and consultation to packing to moving to storage, we make you a part of the process all the way through.

Licensed and Insured

Quick and Reliable Services

Are you in a hurry to settle down in your new home or business? Delta Moving Systems provides next-day delivery for all your household items. We can also offer to help you unpack your items.

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Licensed and Insured

Delta is a licensed and insured intrastate and interstate mover located in Houston, Texas.

Delta Moving Systems is fully equipped with resources such as packing and moving supplies. We are always ready to move your home or office at your convenience. Contact our movers for quick and professional intrastate moving services within Texas.

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He understands that moving is considered one of the most stressful events in a new homeowner's life, so no matter your move size or distance you need, if you have any question call Roger.

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