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When relocating across town or state lines, there is a great deal of work to be done. Avoid wasting time attempting to pack your furniture, clothing, or dishes. You already have a lot going on. For over 20 years, Delta Moving Systems has provided expert moving solutions to the community around Houston. You can count on our top-rated company to assist you with all of your intrastate and interstate moving needs.

Are you in need of temporary storage services and solutions for your next project in Houston? Delta is among the best interstate moving and storage companies in the US, providing short-term and long-term storage solutions.

Temporary Long-term and Short-term Storage

Temporary storage can provide solutions to some of the complications that may arise when planning a long-distance move to another state.

Some of the instances that would compel you to seek temporary storage solutions include;

  • If you must vacate your current home but haven’t found a new home, you will need short-term storage for your items
  • If you are in the military and have been deployed for a year or more, you will need long-term storage for your belongings.
  • If you need to renovate your home or office, you will need short-term storage until you complete your renovation project.

Regardless of your situation, Delta Moving Systems can store your office furniture or household goods for as long as you desire.

Interstate Moving and Storage

Regardless of your temporary storage needs, our interstate movers have warehouses explicitly designed to hold your items safely and securely during your cross-country moving process.

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How Our Storage-in-Transit Works

Delta Moving Systems is s full-service storage company with the best storage facilities and storage professionals ready on call to assist.

When moving out of state, but you are not ready to receive your household goods or office furniture to your new home or office, a professional interstate mover can arrange convenient storage-in-transit. Storage in transit is essentially temporary short-term storage of your belongings while your move is underway.

Our top movers will organize your specified items in our fully secure warehouse and deliver them to you when you are ready. Our storage in transit is a much less time-consuming option than the alternative since we will be managing your interstate move.

Moreover, our storage in transit service can streamline your long-distance moving since you will have one exclusive contract for the move and storage. Our storage-in-transit solutions are convenient, and rest assured that your items will be 100% safe until you are ready to receive them.

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Security is elemental for your peace of mind. As the best interstate moving and storage company in Houston, we pride ourselves on providing fully secure warehouse storage solutions for our clients. We keep updated inventories to ensure all your household items or office items are accounted for. In addition, our warehouses don’t allow open access, which tightens security for all our clients’ belongings.


Our storage professionals understand that your belongings are precious to our clients. Clean storage is paramount when you are warehousing your items. With the wrong moving and storage companies, it won’t take long before dirt and pests infiltrate your boxes and destroy your furniture. Our package and storage service providers ensure clean, dust, and pest-free storage, so your items remain clean and safe.

Professional Packing

Professional Packing

Our professional packers can pack anything from your kitchenware to your home supplies. We pack everything professionally for storage-in-transit. That way, upon delivery, your items will be in the same mint and clean condition before storage.

Our storage professionals provide reliable packing and storage services regardless of the size and amount of your household goods. We also offer custom crating before storing your unique items, such as large mirrors, valuable artwork, pianos, and more.

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Designated Storage Space

We ensure that your belongings do not get mixed up with our other warehouse clients. Every item remains in the original boxes. Your home and office furniture will also stay protected in stretch wraps to protect them from dirt and dust.

In addition, we will place all your belongings in security containers stacked on heavy-duty steel shelving. We also provide special item storage such as pool table and piano storage. Every item is treated carefully and with the utmost care during storage.

Climate Controlled Warehouse

Not every item can survive in the same indoor temperatures. Some require colder or warmer climates. We exercise due diligence to understand the nature of your items before opting for storage. All our warehouses are fully climate-controlled to ensure the durability of all your delicate and non-delicate items.

In addition, climate-controlled storage is essential, especially if you are looking for storage services in Houston. Houston’s climate features high temperatures and has high humidity levels. A climate-controlled storage facility ensures delicate items stay in good condition throughout the storage period in such environments.

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Why You Need Our Storage Services

As one of the top movers Houston residents can rely on, we integrate our reliable services to give you a seamless customer experience. Here are some of the reasons why we stand out from other moving and storage companies in Texas.

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Full Services

Delta is a full-service storage company providing comprehensive solutions for all our clients. Besides providing professional packing and storage services, we can also move your items from one destination to another. Talk to us about your custom crating and storage needs.

World-Class Storage Facilities

We aim to give you a satisfactory experience right from the minute you hire our storage services. Our storage professionals ensure that every item is packed and stored in a designed storage space to reduce confusion.

Moreover, our warehouses are fully secure against any form of intrusion or theft-related incidents. The warehouses are also 100% climate-controlled to keep your belongings in perfect condition throughout.

Moving and Storage

Licensed and Insured Storage Company

We are a certified movers Houston company providing the best storage services for short and long-term storage needs. Moreover, Delta Moving Systems is also insured against property damages and theft, adding an extra security and safety assurance layer.

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Moving and Storage Companies Near Me

Are you looking for temporary storage in Houston, TX? Finding the best moving and storage company can be challenging. Luckily, we take the stress and hassle of searching from your hands.

Delta Moving Systems is a professional mover providing a broad range of moving-related services. We are experienced packers with lots of high-quality packing solutions for all your household goods and office supplies.

Most importantly, we provide the best storage services for commercial and residential clients. If you are planning a short or long-distance move, we can offer short or long-term storage for your belongings until you are ready to receive them.

Contact our storage professionals for the best storage services in Houston, Texas.

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