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The Pros and Cons of Moving from Houston to New Jersey

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You’ve loved your time in Houston – but it is time for a much-needed change. New Jersey is at the top of your “maybe” list, but you aren’t sure if uprooting your family and moving to the Garden State is the right choice for you. Making an informed decision about moving starts with understanding the ups and downs of staying put versus moving to a new city or state.

Here is a helpful guide for anyone considering moving from Houston to New Jersey – including how to find the best cross-country moving companies in Houston, TX.

atlantic city new jersey
New Jersey is the gateway between New York City and the rest of the country. The Garden State serves as more than just a corridor however, as there is something for everyone considering moving here!

Some Helpful Information & Stats Before Becoming Jersey Residents

New Jersey is a great state known for its beautiful scenery, amazing people, and close proximity to NYC – making it an ideal place for young professionals to call home. No matter your stage of life, you need to consider how your daily life will be affected by moving zip codes.

populationPopulation in Two Major Cities Like Newark and Houston

According to the United States Census Bureau and as of July 1, 2022, the population of Newark, NJ, is 305,344. Interestingly, the majority of people living in Newark, 24.8%, are under 18. Newark is the largest city in New Jersey and the 66th largest city in the United States.

The Newark metro area consists of Newark itself and the several suburbs surrounding the city – including Harrison, Irvington, and Hillside Township.

As of July 1, 2022, and according to the US Census Bureau, the population of Houston, TX, was 2,302,878, making it the 4th largest city in the United States, behind Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York City. The population of the greater Houston area, which is officially the Houston-Sugarland Metropolitan-The Woodlands area, is approximately 7.1 million residents.

The greater Houston area is over 9,400 square miles – which is incidentally larger than the entire state of New Jersey!

sunshineThe Weather in South Texas Compared to the North East

One of the major perks of living in Houston is the weather. The average high temperature in Houston is 85 degrees Fahrenheit. The temps can reach over 100 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer months, but this is rare. The winter months are very mild, and you will be hard-pressed to step outside your Houston home and discover the temperatures are below 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

Much like Houston, New Jerseyans enjoy relatively mild summers, with an average high temperature of 86 degrees Fahrenheit. The winters can be brutal in the Garden State. It is not uncommon for the temperatures to dip below freezing or even fall well below zero. Additionally, you can expect to see a lot of snow, which is a rarity in Houston.

The average snowfall in the Northern part of New Jersey is between 40 to 50 inches per year, compared to the southernmost portions of the state, where the average snowfall is between 10 to 15 inches. Remember this when deciding which city in New Jersey to call home – especially if you’re not a fan of bad weather and shoveling snow!

Areas of New Jersey, particularly those on the shore, are also vulnerable to tropical storms. Living on the shore can also mean suffering through a humid summer and dealing with the influx of tourists looking to splash in the Atlantic Ocean.

school graduation
Families want to know that their children’s education will continue to thrive in their new home state. New Jersey ticks all the boxes!

Let’s Compare the 5 Best School Districts Between Houston to the Garden State

If you have kids, ensuring you have a safe place for your children to learn and grow is at the top of your priority list. Houston has some of the best school districts in the entire state of Texas. Likewise, there are several excellent schools in New Jersey. Here is a head-to-head comparison of the best school districts in Houston and New Jersey:

schoolhouseMillburn Township Vs. Katy Independent

According to Niche, a school district rating website, the Katy Independent school district in Houston is rated 12th of the 1,018 best school districts in all of Texas. The district received extremely high marks in several categories, including academics, activities, teachers, administration, and sports. With a student-to-teacher ratio of 16:1, Katy Independent is an excellent district for students of any age.

Millburn Township, a township in southwestern Essex County and technically part of the greater New York Metropolitan Area, has similarly high marks in several categories, including a low student-to-teacher ratio of 13:1 and high academic, college prep, and administration scores.

schoolchildrenNorthern Valley Regional Vs. Tomball Independent

Rated second of 374 districts with the best teachers in New Jersey, Northern Valley Regional is a high school district located in Demarest, NJ, a borough in Bergen County. The district received high marks in several categories, including teachers, college preps, and clubs and activities. Students of the school report feeling especially prepared for college.

Tomball Independent is a school district in the city of Tomball, a portion of the greater Houston metropolitan area. Tomball is a relatively small town of around 12,000 residents. The school district ranked 14 out of 1,018 best school districts in Texas. The district excels in several areas, including academics, diversity, college prep, and clubs.

student at deskPrinceton Public Schools Vs. Friendswood Independent

Ranked third in the “Best School Districts in Houston,” Friendswood Independent is located in Friendswood, TX, which is part of both Galveston and Harris counties. The student-to-teacher ratio is an impressive 16:1, and the district is rated highly in several categories – including academics, teachers, college prep, and administration.

Home of the prestigious Princeton University, Princeton Public Schools is a top-rated school district in Princeton, New Jersey. Located in central New Jersey, Princeton Public Schools are rated very similarly to Friendswood Independent. The district is known for its excellent teachers, academics, diversity, and college preparatory classes.

studentWest Windsor-Plainsboro Vs. Pearland Independent

Located in Pearland, TX, the Pearland Independent School District has 21,007 students in grades kindergarten through senior. The student-to-teacher ratio is 17:1, and the district received very high marks in several categories, including academics, college prep, and administration. Pearland is a major city in the Houston metropolitan area and has a population of approximately 125,000 residents.

Located in the Raritan Valley Region, which is typically a portion of the greater New York City metropolitan area, the West Windsor-Plainsboro district has an impressive student-to-teacher ratio of 13:1. The district has approximately 9,109 students and ranks very high in several categories, including academics.

female studentRidgewood Public School District Vs. Clear Creek Independent

Both Ridgewood Public School District and Clear Independent school district, located in New Jersey and Houston, TX, respectively, rank fifth in the “Best School Districts” in their respective state, according to Niche. Ridgewood Public School District is located in Bergen County, a suburb of New York City. The district comprises just over 5,000 students and ranks highly in administration, academics, and college prep.

Located in League City, TX, it is much larger than the Ridgewood Public School district, with an impressive 40,832 students. Even though the school district is massive, the student-to-teacher ratio is still a very modest 17:1. The district received outstanding marks in a variety of categories, including academics, diversity, and college prep.

new jersey apartments
The closer you live to the Hudson River and NYC, the more likely you will be opting for an apartment over a house.

Housing Costs in a Big City

apartmentRenting a One-Bedroom Apartment

A great indicator of whether you can afford to live in a new state and, in turn, contact Houston interstate movers is to research the average cost of renting a small to modest one-bedroom apartment. The average price of a one-bedroom in Houston is around $1,334 per month. This is compared to a whopping $3,437 in New Jersey! Of course, the cost of rent will vary significantly throughout the state, especially if you want to live in one of the state’s major cities.

The average one-bedroom rental in Newark, NJ, is $2,610. In Union City, which is across the Hudson River from NYC, the average one-bedroom rental is $1,673. If you are moving from Houston to New Jersey to work in New York City, living in New Jersey and commuting to the city is a great option.

houseMedian Home Price

According to the NAR, or National Association of Realtors, the median home price throughout the United States is $378,700. This price is always rising, so before you reach out to one of the best long-distance movers in Houston, you need to know if you can afford to purchase a home in any part of New Jersey.

The median home sale price, specifically in Houston, is approximately $334,995. This is compared to the median home sale price in New Jersey, which is slightly higher at $477,600. Once again, New Jersey is a big state, and the cost of housing will vary greatly depending on where you live.

For example, if you are moving from Houston to Newark, be prepared to shop around for a better deal because Newark’s median home sale price is a staggering $1,218,000. If you want a more affordable place to call home, consider Trenton, NJ, where the median home price is $165,000.

man at work new jersey
The jobs market in New Jersey is dominated by the services sector. Living in proximity to the NYC economy has also boosted employment opportunities.

Job Market: Houston Vs. Newark

Home to many Fortune 500 companies – including ConocoPhillips, ExxonMobil, and Sysco, the average annual salary in Houston is $57,790, which is slightly lower than the national annual salary of $58,260. In addition to employment opportunities in the oil and gas industry, several jobs in the healthcare, education, and research industries.

However, be aware that the unemployment rate in Houston, TX, is slightly higher than the national average, and job growth in Houston is explicitly not expected to keep up with the average national job growth. However, when you factor in the lower cost of housing, it is possible to live comfortably in Houston’s current job market.

The cost of living in Newark is much higher than other cities in New Jersey. When you factor in the median price of an apartment or house in Newark, you must offset the higher costs with high-paying jobs. Luckily, the average salary in Newark is $78,714 – much higher than the national average and Houston.

Several industries in Newark are hiring, including insurance, healthcare, and education. Like Houston, several large corporations, such as Prudential and Panasonic, are headquartered in Newark.

Whether you stay put in Houston or make the move to the Garden State, you will enjoy a booming economy and a well-rounded job market.

jersey city
A common misconception is that the NJ/NY area is riddled with crime. This could not be further from the truth – in reality, Jersey City rates as one of the more safer US cities in which to dwell

Property Crime Rates: Houston Vs. Jersey City

The end of the pandemic saw a rise in property crime rates in most major US cities, including Houston. According to the Houston Police Department Report, the rate of property crimes rose 11% between 2021 and 2022, thanks in part to a rise in vehicle and firearm theft. The property crime rate in Houston is 42.33 per 1,000 residents. What this means for the citizens of Houston is that their city is only safer than approximately 2% of US neighborhoods.

Jersey City, which has a population of nearly 300,000 residents, making it the second largest city in New Jersey, is located in Northeastern New Jersey. The property crime rate is 12.68 per 1,000 residents. This makes Jersey City safer than nearly 30% of neighborhoods throughout the United States.

The rates of violent crime are also higher in Houston than in Jersey City. If you are considering the move to Jersey City, here are some of the safest neighborhoods in the area:

  • The Waterfront
  • Downtown
  • Lincoln Park
Texas residents can benefit from no income tax – something which can’t be said for New Jersey folks. However, income tax in NJ is not astronomical.

State Income Tax: Lone Star State Vs. New Jersey

Before searching amongst the best of the best national moving companies headquartered in Houston, you need to understand if you can afford the taxes in your new home state. One of the most significant expenses many couples, retirees, and young adults don’t factor into their budget is the cost of state income taxes.

The state income, sales, and property taxes in Texas vs. New Jersey are very different and can be very confusing. Texas is one of only eight states that have no personal income tax. Additionally, there are not any inheritance or estate taxes. The state sales tax is 6.25%, although additional local taxes are typically levied on top of the state sales tax.

The state of Texas itself does not collect property taxes either. Instead, each city, county, or municipality is charged with collecting property taxes. Additionally, there is no personal income tax in Texas. The state has something called a “franchise tax,” which is levied against retail businesses and wholesalers that are not exempt.

Texas is known for being one of the most tax-friendly states in the Union. New Jersey has good schools, natural beauty, and amazing people, but be prepared to pay higher state taxes if you move to the Garden State. The state income tax is on a sliding scale. Citizens in the lowest tax brackets pay 1.4% income tax. If you are in the highest tax bracket, you will pay a whopping 10.75% in state income tax!

However, the highest tax bracket is reserved for New Jersey residents earning over $1 million a year.

The state of New Jersey levies a flat 2.49% property tax, which is based on the house’s assessed value, making it the state with the highest property taxes. The combined state and local sales tax is around 6.6%.

new jersey Atlantic city
With casinos, fairgrounds, and endless beaches, locations like Atlantic City feature attractions for kids and adults alike.

Things To Do

The list of things to do in Houston is seemingly endless. Suppose you decide to remain in Houston and explore this fantastic city or take the leap and work with a long-distance moving company near you to relocate to New Jersey. In that case, you will always find a way to entertain your kids or spend a romantic weekend with your partner.

Here are a few of the hottest attractions in New Jersey to explore:

  • Six Flags Great Adventure. One of New Jersey’s most popular attractions, Six Flags, has several attractions for children and adults alike. Your teenagers can ride rollercoasters while you sample the food and take your kids through the drive-through safari conveniently situated in the middle of the park.
  • Liberty State Park. The New York City skyline is breathtaking, and you might be surprised to learn that the best way to catch of glimpse of this spectacular site is in New Jersey. Situated on the Hudson River, Liberty State Park lets you enjoy a quiet picnic lunch while taking in all the fantastic sites NYC offers.
  • Jenkinson’s Boardwalk and Aquarium. Each year, millions of tourists flock to the Jersey Shore. Jenkinson’s Boardwalk and Aquarium is like stepping into the past. You can play a few classic boardwalk games before enjoying a hot dog or ice cream cone.
  • Paterson Great Falls. New Jersey is known for its turnpikes and proximity to NYC. Most people don’t realize that there are several natural wonders in New Jersey – including Paterson Great Falls. The 77-foot-high falls are breathtaking and provide the perfect backdrop for a romantic picnic for two.
houston astros
Baseball lovers in Houston can check out the World Series winning Astros

There are plenty of popular attractions in Houston – from catching a Houston Astros game at Minute Maid Park or strolling through the historic Houston Space Center – but you want to find something a little more off the beaten path that the tourists have yet to discover. Here are a few of the lesser-known and most unique attractions Houston has to offer:

  • Houston Graffiti Building. Are your teenagers sick of strolling through museums or eating at uptight restaurants? The Houston Graffiti Building is covered with urban artwork that provides the ideal background for your teenagers to snap a few selfies!
  • Beer Can House. Houston resident John Milkovisch had a one-of-a-kind problem: Too many beer cans. Instead of recycling the cans, he decided to use the aluminum to decorate his home. Today the house is a folk art gallery that is a sight to behold!
  • National Funeral Museum. Want a more macabre way to spend a Saturday night? Stroll through the National Funeral Museum. The space is filled with educational exhibits and draws in several thousand visitors annually. Bet you didn’t know there was a funeral museum in your town!
saltwater taffy
It wouldn’t be a day at the beach in New Jersey without some delicious saltwater taffy

The Food Scene: Houston Vs. New Jersey

You’ve loved enjoying the fantastic restaurants, food trucks, and family-style barbeque eateries spread across Houston. The city has some of what is arguably the best food in the entire state, and Texas is one of the biggest states in the Union! Houston’s food scene is extremely diverse, and you can find a restaurant that will please even the most fussy palate – including Vietnamese, Mexican, Tex-Mex, and Louisiana-style Cajun cuisine.

Texas is barbecue country and there are plenty of outlets to whet your apatite in Houston

New Jersey is the most densely populated state, and with all those residents, it is no wonder there are so many signature dishes to try. Whether you are taking a day trip to Jersey or packing up and moving to the Garden State, here are a few foods to add to your Jersey cuisine bucket list:

  • Italian hot dog. Forget ketchup and mustard. In Jersey, you must try an Italian-style hot dog with onions, peppers, and fried potatoes.
  • Saltwater taffy. You can buy saltwater taffy at almost any local candy shop. However, nothing compares to enjoying this gooey treat while splashing with your kids in the ocean or strolling along the boardwalk.
  • Pizza on the boardwalk. Several excellent pizzerias are scattered throughout New Jersey, but especially along the boardwalk. You can truly call yourself a New Jersey resident once you grab a slice and play some ski ball on the boardwalk!

There is one last Jersey treat that will please anyone with an adventurous appetite: Disco fries. These uniquely-Jersey fries are topped with brown gravy and melted mozzarella cheese. One of the most popular places to try disco fries is Clifton, New Jersey’s famous Tic Tock Diner.

frequently asked questions movers

FAQs About Moving to New Jersey

Ready to take a giant step straight out of your comfort zone and call New Jersey home? Here are the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about living in New Jersey:

affordabilityIs New Jersey an affordable state to live in?

New Jersey is a notoriously-expensive area to call home. The cost of living in New Jersey is approximately 12% higher than the national average, thanks mainly to housing costs, which are 32% higher than the national average. From transportation to utilities and food, the cost of living in Jersey is higher than the average national costs across the board.

Healthcare is the only cost that is lower than in other states. If you are retiring and facing rising healthcare costs down the road, moving to Asbury Park, Jersey City, Newark, or any city in New Jersey might be a good option.

cheaperIs it cheaper to live in Texas or New Jersey?

When you compare the cost of rent, food, utilities, transportation, and other incidentals, living in Texas is cheaper than living in New Jersey. As a matter of fact, the cost of living in the great state of Texas is 8% lower than the national average. Once again, this is compared to the much higher cost of living in New Jersey.

Remember, Texas is huge, and the cost of living can vary wildly depending on where you live. For example, the living cost in San Antonio is 20% lower than the national average. This is compared to Newark’s cost of living, which is 20% higher than the national average.

heavy traffic gridlock new jerseyWhat are the negatives of living in New Jersey?

New Jersey is a beautiful state, but there are some serious negatives to calling Jersey home, including:

  • Gridlock. New Jersey is notorious for traffic jams, especially in the suburbs and small towns outside Newark and across the river from NYC. Do yourself a favor, and if you need to drive back to Jersey from New York during rush hour, take a commuter train instead!
  • High taxes. As stated previously, the taxes in New Jersey, particularly the income taxes, are notoriously high. If you have a high-paying job, you can expect to pay in excess of 5% to 8% or more on your income taxes alone. The average salary in New Jersey is competitive, but you will pay a large portion of your yearly taxes to Uncle Sam.
  • Be prepared for the crowds. New Jersey is the most densely populated state in America. If you don’t like crowds, New Jersey is not the right place for you. Conversely, if you remain in Texas, you won’t be hard-pressed to find a secluded home that won’t cost a small fortune.

worth itIs it worth it to move to New Jersey?

There is no easy answer to this complicated question except to say that it depends on your circumstances. If you have a job that allows you to afford to live in New Jersey and your kids have their hearts set on attending school in the state, then moving to Jersey is worth it. However, remember that the weather in New Jersey is unpredictable, particularly in the winter, and you will have to deal with the constant traffic and crowds.

The state’s economy is on an upward swing, but the higher cost of living can offset this. Keep this in mind before hiring a moving truck and packing up for a move to Jersey.

transparent moving quoteWhat is a decent salary to live in New Jersey?

There are plenty of job opportunities in New Jersey, and several have outstanding salaries, including jobs in the healthcare and education industries. The average median household income is $89,703 – the second highest in the country. Living in Jersey costs a lot of money, but the booming economy and thriving job market make up for it.

parklandsWhat is the most beautiful part of New Jersey?

New Jersey has a sordid reputation, but this diverse state has several beautiful sites to behold. Here are a few of the most beautiful parts of New Jersey:

  • Delaware Water Gap. Situated on the border between New Jersey and Pennsylvania, the Delaware Water Gap features a beautiful waterfall, a massive forest, and plenty of hiking trails, particularly on the New Jersey side!
  • The Red Mill. Initially built in 1810, the Red Mill has served several purposes over the last 200 years -including housing a wool processing plant and a textile mill. Today, the property is a tourist attraction that everyone who travels through New Jersey should visit.
  • Sayen Gardens. Located in Central New Jersey, the Sayen Garden boasts an impressive array of Japanese and Chinese flower and plant species, including rhododendrons and azaleas. The garden is perfect for any person, couple, or family who wants to host a memorable wedding, anniversary, or birthday party.

multiple quotesWhat is the rich side of New Jersey?

There are several upscale communities throughout New Jersey. However, according to Niche, the most expensive town to call home is Short Hills. The median household income in the small town of Short Hills is more than $250,000. The rent on a modest apartment is around $3,279, and the median home sale price is $1,389,900!

stress reductionWhat part of New Jersey is good to live in?

Compared to the rest of the United States, New Jersey is a relatively safe place to live. However, like any other state, certain cities are safer than others. Here are a few of the safest places in New Jersey to purchase a home or start a family:

  • Upper Saddle River
  • New Hanover
  • Matawan
  • Chesterfield
  • Tewksbury
jersey city street
So what are your thoughts on Jersey City? Let us know and if you’re planning on relocating there!


Moving to any new state can be scary, especially if you are moving for a new job opportunity, after college, or an empty nester looking for the ideal spot to retire. When you consider living in either Houston or New Jersey, it is essential to remember that both places are unique and have their own ins and outs.

For example, it is typically more expensive to live in New Jersey. However, more opportunities exist for young adults looking to start a career after college. The crime rates in New Jersey are lower than in Houston. However, the average home prices and rent on a one-bedroom apartment are higher in New Jersey than in Houston.

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moving services houston
Moving services tailored to your specific needs

Long-Distance Moving is What We Do

Ready to plan your move from Houston to New Jersey, Washington, Wisconsin, Idaho, or any other state? Delta Moving System is the best of the best moving companies in all of Texas. We are available to answer all of your moving-related questions. Here are a few of the most common questions our customers have about planning a long-distance or cross-country move:

answers to FAQWhat is a moving broker?

One of the most commonly confused terms in moving is “moving broker.” Basically, the difference between moving companies and brokers is that a broker will connect you with a moving company and will not actually perform the move. Instead, the broker gives you options for moving companies in your area. Working with a broker is not always necessary, but it is sometimes helpful if you do not have time to research moving companies.

compare quotesHow much will my cross-country move cost?

The cost of a long-distance move can vary greatly, depending on several factors. For example, if you are wondering, “How Much Does It Cost to Move 2000 Miles?” the answer will depend mostly on the size of your household, if packing services are required, the time of year, and the type of insurance you purchase. Don’t worry because here at Delta Moving Systems, we can help you plan an affordable move – whether you are moving across town or the country.

move availabilityWhen is the best time to plan a long-distance move?

The time of year in which you move can have a significant impact on your overall moving costs. The warm weather months of summer and early fall are typically the “busy season,” meaning you will typically pay more to work with a top-rated moving company. If you are on a tight budget, consider moving mid-week and during the off-season, typically winter and early spring.

licenseD AND BONDEDHow do I know the moving company is reputable?

Most moving companies are fair and honest. Unfortunately, there are a few unscrupulous movers out there, and avoiding them saves you a lot of time, money, and hassle. Do your homework and research all the moving companies in your area. Ask for a detailed quote from at least three moving companies. Consider these red flags if the moving company’s quote seems too low or they ask for a payment upfront.

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