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Moving from Houston to Los Angeles – Cost, Best Places to Live & More

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You are planning a long-distance move from Houston to Los Angeles, which will take you approximately 22 hours and 23 minutes to drive by car. However, before you make the big move, there are several variables you must consider, including the moving costs, the moving company you will work with, and how in the world you will pack all those boxes.

Additionally, you must consider if there are jobs available in your field if the living costs are much higher in L.A. than they are in Houston, and what your life would be like living in such as massive metropolitan area. Here is some invaluable information for anyone considering making the big move from Houston to Los Angeles.

The Los Angeles Job Market

The Los Angeles job market is constantly evolving, and before you make any relocation plan, you want to ensure there are ample job opportunities in the Los Angeles area. Because of the entertainment industry, there are several opportunities in the arts. Still, there is so much more work available in a variety of sectors, including jobs in bioscience, food manufacturing, logistics, and the information technology sector.

Additionally, the average yearly salary in Los Angeles is $61,013, which is above the national average of $56,310 annually.

Los Angeles neighborhoods

The Best Neighborhoods in Los Angeles, CA

The population of Los Angles in 2022 is a staggering 3.973 million people. From some of the most spectacular weather in the country to beautiful beaches and the nightlife in the Hollywood Hills, it I no wonder that people are flocking to Los Angeles. Luckily, there are several amazing neighborhoods with plenty of shopping, excellent schools, and world-class restaurants for you to consider.

In addition to the downtown area, there are several other notable neighborhoods in Los Angeles, including Echo Park, Silver Lake, Culver City, and Los Feliz.

What Does it Cost to Live in Los Angeles, California

Because L.A. and California, in general, is such an amazing place to live, you will quickly find that the overall cost of living, including entertainment, food, utilities, and rent, can seem very high. The average price of a home in L.A. is $972,828, and this average price is rising at a rate of about 8.5% per year.

The housing market is very competitive, and most houses in L.A. only remain on the market for approximately 41 days.

The rent prices range can vary greatly depending upon where you live in the greater L.A. area. The average cost of rent is $2,734. North Montana, Downtown Santa Monica, and Venice are some of the most expensive communities in L.A. More affordable rental prices can be found in Shadow Hills and Harvard Heights.

The average living cost for a single person in L.A. is approximately $2,865 per month. If you have a modest family of four people, you can anticipate to spend around $6,522 each month. The basic cost of utilities is on-par with other large cities in the United States. However, you will typically pay more for incidentals in L.A., including a night out at a posh restaurant or a trip to the movie theater.

cost of living

Questions People Also Ask

You are planning an upcoming move from the Houston metro area, and you have several critical questions before making any final decisions. Some of the most critical things you need to consider are who are the best movers to get you safely from Houston to Los Angeles without breaking the bank, in addition to finding an affordable rental and a new job in your field.

How Much Does Moving from Houston to Los Angeles Cost?

There are several costs that will be factored into the overall and final price of your move from Houston to Los Angeles. One of the most significant and noteworthy factors in the move size, including the number of boxes and pieces of furniture you are having transported. Because you are moving from one state to another, your cross-country moving company will charge by the mile and by the pound.

For example, if your moving company charges you $6 per cubic foot and you are moving 1,000 cubic feet of household goods, your final cost for the move is $6,000. There are other fees that must be factored into the move, including the cost of gas and packing services. The prices for a cross-country move can vary widely, so the best way to determine the costs is to ask for a free quote.

Who are the Best Houston to Los Angeles Movers?

With all of the movers available in the Houston metro area, chances are you are wondering who the best professional mover is to get you safely and affordably to L.A. Look for a moving company with stellar credentials, plenty of satisfied customers, and that offers additional services, including clean-up, packing, short-term storage, and set-up at your new home or apartment.

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Moving From Houston To Los Angeles

 Is Houston Bigger than Los Angeles?

If the size of both cities is a significant factor in your decision to relocate, then it should also be noted that although there is a population of over 3.9 million residents in L.A., the population of Houston is still an impressive 2.313 million people. The location of Houston and Los Angeles are both very different. While L.A. is surrounded by mountains and water, Houston is known for its infamous Loop, which is Interstate 610, a freeway that encompasses the city.

It is difficult to say which is a better place to live because both cities are so unique and have amazing things to offer!

How Many Californians are Moving to Houston?

The city of Houston is booming, and like many people from around the country, people are relocating to cities throughout Texas, including Houston. This is because Houston and the rest of the state are filled with many attractions, a diverse population, plenty of educational and job opportunities, and, best of all, the beautiful weather.

Should I Call Houston or Los Angeles Moving Companies?

You are finally ready to make the big move and are starting to call moving services in both the Houston and Los Angeles areas. At this point, you are asking yourself: Should I work with a Houston-based mover or a company in Los Angeles? There are several notable companies in both cities. The providers in Houston will get you to wherever city you want to call home, whether that be L.A. or another fantastic spot in California, safely, quickly, and for far less money.

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Long Distance Movers in Houston, TX

Is San Diego Better than Los Angeles?

If the hustle and bustle of Los Angles aren’t quite what you are after and you are looking for other options, San Diego is a great city to call home. A new home in “America’s Finest City” will cost less than a home in L.A. The cost of living in there is also 4.65% less than the cost of calling L.A. home. The job market is comparable, and SoCal has several family-friendly activities, including zoos and parks.

Delta – A Family-Owned Long-Distance Moving Company

The moving process can be scary and overwhelming, and you want to find a moving company that can get you from Houston, TX, to Los Angeles, CA, without breaking the bank. Look no further than Delta Moving Systems, a family-run business that can move from anywhere in the Houston metro area, including Sugar Land, Spring, The Woodlands, and Conroe. Start by filling out an online form and getting your free moving quote.

Delta Moving Systems has decades of moving experience and can help you complete all the steps involved in the relocation process, from packing to unpacking.

So, Will You Be Moving from Houston to Los Angeles?

Now that you have all of this amazing information about both H-Town and Los Angeles, you have a straightforward question to answer: will you be moving from Houston to Los Angeles? If you have made up your mind, let’s face it, they have the best weather and are ready to relocate; give us a call, and we’ll be happy to provide some price ranges for our moving services.

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