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What Should You NOT Move Long-Distance?

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You really should not move some items when relocating out of state. These reasons could be either practical, physical, or cost-ineffective. Moving long-distance can be a huge hassle, and it’s essential to think carefully about what you’re moving before making the decision. Certain items are better left behind, especially if you’re not sure how they’ll hold up during the move.

Which Items Can I Not Move Long-Distance?


Pianos are one of the most enormous and most fragile items that can be moved long-distance. They are often very expensive, so it’s crucial to consider all of the factors that go into moving them before making a decision.

Long-distance moving companies in Houston typically do not stack furniture atop pianos, as it can cause damage to the instrument. As a result, they will most likely charge you for the lost headspace.



Hot Tubs

If you have a hot tub, you may want to leave it behind when you move long-distance. Hot tubs usually remain in the house that you are selling. They are difficult for Houston movers to transport because of their bulkiness. Some Houston moving companies will not move hot tubs because of the potential for damage.

Interstate moving companies in Houston, TX, will not disassemble hot tubs for liability purposes, so you’ll have to take care of that yourself, which can be tricky.

hot tub

Hazardous Substances

Cross country movers in Houston are prohibited from moving hazardous substances, so you should not haul any hazardous materials long-distance. This includes gasoline, propane tanks, oil-based paints, and pesticides.

It would also help if you did not move any perishable food items or plants long-distance. Should you have any doubts about whether or not something is considered a hazardous substance, check with your local cross-country moving company or the U.S. Department of Transportation.


Inadequate Containers

Long-distance movers Houston, TX, will only accept three types of containers for your boxable items: moving boxes, hard plastic totes, and suitcases.

Movers in Houston will not accept containers made from soft materials such as garbage bags or vacuum-sealed bags because they tear easily.

Your moving coordinator will offer guidance on what containers are best for your long-distance move. For example, they may recommend using boxes for fragile items and sturdy crates for heavier items.

garbage trash bags not safe moving

Dressers Stuffed With Clothes

“Can I just stuff my dresser drawers with all my clothes?” This is a general question asked to moving coordinators!

Dressers should be emptied before the movers arrive on the pickup day. This will help avoid any accidents during transport and make it easier for the movers to move the dresser.

Dressers that are stuffed with clothes will cause stress to the drawers while the dresser is in transit. You may want to consider putting your clothes in suitcases or boxes.

moving dresser

Living Organisms

You should move any living things yourself and do not leave them in the hands of moving companies. This includes houseplants and pets.

If you have plants that are important to you, you should not move them long-distance. Moving companies cannot water and maintain your plants while in transit, so they will inevitably die.

If you happen to have a pet with a particular container like an aquarium, terrarium, birdcage, or dog/cat crate, be sure to let your movers know in advance. They can usually move these items, provided they are drained and cleaned.

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